We have a wide variety of capabilities from 'one piece'  FRP bathroom pods up to multi layered buildings with all necessary support compenonts. We can make from 'one off' private customer units up to OEM production for construction companies up to 6 completely finished unit per day.

A production consists usually consists of the following time table but depends heavily on manny factors, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if more accurate estimates are necessary for you project.

  • Detailed engineering, this can take can from 1 week up to roughly 3 months. Al depends on the design stage and complexity of the project. 
  • Steel container production takes usually 4 weeks, also this varies for each project. Actual production time of 'large scale' productions, 300+, is only a couple of days. Most of the work lies in making the 'sample' and setting up the production line.
  • Start producing the first units, for large scale productions we usually make samples this will take 2~4 weeks depending on the design
  • Full speed production, depending on the project scale, we can produce up to 6 units a days (6 days a week if necessary).
  • Shipment to place of usage - depending on port of destination - takes an average of 4 weeks.