benefits modular constructionRadical cost savings are achieved through the 'modular construction' concept - more than 25% for most projects. Important to understand is that Modular construction is a process, not a product. Whether for temporary or permanent application, the building is built in three-dimensional sections - or modules - in a controlled production environment to your specifications. While your building is being manufactured, site development teams can be prepping the site, installing foundations and bringing in utilities. This results in increased efficiency and a significantly shortened construction schedule. 

Building off site ensures better construction quality management. Materials that are delivered to the plant location are safely and securely stored in the manufacturer’s warehouse to prevent damage or deterioration from moisture and the elements. Manufacturing plants have stringent QA/QC programs with independent inspection and testing protocols that promote superior quality of construction every step of the way. 

Cost reductions ore accomplished in several ways. Not only a shorter on-site construction period that results in less construction overhead cost contribute to this but manny other factors like; bulk purchase and a dedicated working areas for standardised building processes have a huge impact

Building speed is increased by; site preparation and manufacturing of modules can occur at the same, time delays created by weather independent conditions (in the factory do not result in delays), easy and controlled access to tools, warehouse controlled material supplies (lean manufacturing versus delivery at different locations throughout the construction on site).