All modules are manufactured according to our client’s specifications. We ensure that all modules are built to meet or exceed all local codes for the project. All wiring, treat piping and connections are visually exposed so that they can be inspected at the factory and on site. In addition to building according to the various codes we supply the customer with a package of all relevant certificates of the materials used in the module. We know how to participate in Design-Build teams across the country providing our expertise in the following areas: space programming, floor plan development, site layout input, specification and scope development, submittals and scheduling.

 We use the same or better materials and build to more demanding tolerances. Efficient technologies (water, waste-water, energy) are all available and used in our buildings. Plant construction and pre-assembly allows pre-commissioning of systems early in the construction process. Materials and components are Energy-Star, Green Seal, FSC-certified and from other appropriate sources. Our buildings are almost completely reusable and designed for that purpose, if desired. These attributes and the sustainable building practices inherent in modular construction make modular an ideal choice for projects that require LEED (R) certification.

 For marine and transport usage our 'housing' modules come with a CSC plate. This plate insures the extensive load testing and numerous other structural - and quality -  guarantees. Depending on de design, this includes; ISO 830, ISO 668, ISO 6346 and ISO 116.