Modulacc manufactures its modules depending on the design specification of the building using either load bearing modular units or mixed forms of steel construction. The functionality of the modules ranges from fitted out apartments and hotel rooms to single bathroom pods. Most housing units we base on the standard ISO dimensions and basic construction.

Structural modules, can function as a load-bearing steel frame, a stressed skin box or combinations of the two functions. The modules can be stacked to create multi level buildings or may be combined with primary structural frames, particularly in heavily loaded applications.

Wall reinforced modules are designed to transfer loads continuously through their longitudinal walls. Due to these reinforcements in the walls, thumb these modules will be cellular-type spaces with four closed sides with the exceptions of its doors and windows. Limits in cost-effective transportation defines the maximum width and length of these module and the cellular space provided. The modules are designed for the combined vertical load of the modules above and in-plane loads due to wind action. The maximum height of the stacked modules is 6 to 10 levels without an external concrete or steel core, depending on location and exposure to wind loading. Corner reinforced models are designed to provide fully or partially open sides by transfer of loads to the corner

Non-structural modules are supported by a structural frame or on a concrete floor. These modules can be located between the primary structural members.

ISO sizeing
For most of our structural modules we use the basic design and construction principles which finds it origin in sea freight containers. Although the dimensions and general appearance of our units usually are according to the ISO standards for sea freight our 'containers' are heavily modified to be made suitable for modular housing purposes. As example; we can produce higher than high cube modules for improved interior height, our floor construction is different to accommadate insulation and piping, we modify walls to accommodate windows and doors, we create ventilation systems inside of the walls, we add shafts in ceiling and bottom, etc.